Our Story

Who is Baby Panache?
A baby with a confident and distinctive appearance, style and elegance.
Elegant, chic and stylish, the Baby Panache collection features a color palette that is contemporary, soft, and creamy rich without being cliché. Children clothed in Baby Panache will enjoy a contemporary, distinctive appearance and style. The cohesive collection puts baby’s best foot forward in a variety of comfortably cute garments and accessories from rompers, dresses, knotted gowns, kimono sets, shorts, and headbands, along with teething rings, and baby rattles. 
The founder’s interest in creating a collection of baby clothing was inspired by her own experiences after the birth of her son, during the 2020 pandemic. Shopping online became convenient and quite necessary for safety reasons during this time, especially for parents with little children. As the founder, started shopping online for baby clothing, she often found herself disappointed in the quality of the products received, became discouraged with online shopping. Until one day while shopping for her son, she was inspired to just create a carefully curated collection for parents just like her; Parents searching for distinctive, contemporary, heirloom quality and carefully curated items that could be conveniently ordered online. 
And so …Baby Panache was born.
Baby Panache first launched online in June 2021 and has since expanded to two in-store locations, inside of Uplift Us Marketplace, for those who prefer to shop in stores. Keeping in mind, that every piece is carefully curated for the collection whether purchased online or in store. Each piece is bundled with love for babies of all cultures, backgrounds and ethnicities.  An eye-catching collection of baby apparel and goods, representative of all nationalities.
Every piece of the Baby Panache collection has been selected and bundled with love from concept to packaging. We hope you adore it just as much as we do! 
The future starts with our babies!